One more helpful review with logical explanation. BUT I did buy a small pot too and the lid fits better on that one? Great job gunny, I’d love to win a new mini gun! I can honestly say that I learned spraypainting from your video’s! So keep up the good work and f*** the companies who that are trying to pressure you. HomeRight Finish Max C800766 The HomeRight C800766 is our first pick primarily because of its use of ease and high-performance, making it possible for novices and enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers learn their way around paint spray guns. I’ve learnt heaps from you and look forward to future episodes. This video has been really helpful for me to decide which guns I should choose for kitting out my mobile body shop van here in Scotland. Air Consumption: 90 l/min. That’s what I have following your earlier recommendation. The other smaller but equally critical accessories in the kit are a mini moisture filter, a kit for cleaning, two wrenches, and a brush. The pneumatic sprayer of this Hiltex 31229 pneumatic air spray gun’s stature will definitely come to your rescue. Iwata LPH80 Parts Diagram. Great comparison this one was needed for a while. The mini spray gun comes with a 120 cc plastic cup, and the full-sized one comes with a 20 oz./0.6 l plastic cup. SATAjet 1500 B SoLV. Just watched the r150 review the other day when looking at mini guns. That’s if my compressor is up to it painting…, Nice review Been wanting a mini gun for painting wheels, Great usefull video’s even for a yachtpainter, These videos are great, i learned a lot! The PHASER paint spray gun was developed with its special visual appearance, special materials a… Learn more. Great review…. Great videos! The Astro EVOT14 EuroPro spray gun is one of the best LVLP spray gun you are going to find on the market today. Keep up your great work…. Another solid review Gunny, Love using mini guns. Fuji 2903-T70 Mini-Mite 3 PLATINUM – T70 HVLP Spray System; 5. Secondly, a big thanks to sprayguns direct. I just started painting at a shop 8 months ago and you have helped me tremendously, keep the videos coming. Looks like I’ll be ordering ANI, to go with my ProLite and Finishlines, primer and base guns. A.N.I. Many people will pick up a 1.8mm for primer, when actually they really need a 1.7mm. S2R MINI SPRAY GUN GRAVITY 0.3MM. It is not for any other use except to show off the trade and talent. Great review gunman big fan of your work just bought my first gti pro lite i get it on the 14 of this month. I’ll probably buy the number 1 on your count down but how could you not drule over that Sata. Awesome review gunny, you really do help out the painting trade and the diy guys. Rank . Love seeing the selection and how they stand up to each other – there isn’t much coverage on all the practical and technical differences between tools like this but Gunny has it all on tap. Great review as always. It’s a real winner in my books. Michael Mikhail, Hi, I have just watched your minigun test with great interest, I personally use the Sata 4400 rp 1.2 and for me it sprays absolutely perfectly. Mini gun would be fucking sickkkk! It is a pricier paint sprayer than Astro but it’s also easy to use and has great features. Would love to get my hands on a R-150, our paint rep mentioned it the other week, it’s getting great reviews here in Canada. Hey Gunnie, love all of your vids, love that you’re a fellow Ozzie and that you take the time to translate for your non-Ozzie viewers (Mudguard-Fender, Boot-Trunk etc). I could use a new mini-gun. I think your evaluation was spot on. Thanks, Gunman! Great review again, as always! That was an awesome review. What’s up gunny! Shop with confidence on eBay! Please keep up the videos as they are brilliant. Class review love my Ani mini gun to good for primer so need to gun a mini primer gun now. Thanks for all your reviews and advice. Appreciate it! Love your show gunny its a shame you dont have a program on sbs or somthing, i just finaly got into a painting job @ 37 my mini gun choice would have to be the devilbiss i think they produce great quality guns.all the best mate. When we sent it to 'The Gunman' who reviews guns independently for his YouTube channel etc. Keep up the reviews! He went from not knowing anything about spray painting to feeling confident enough to give it ago himself in his pride and joy skyline! 2 Best LVLP Spray Guns. I was one of the few or many that forgot to click the notify me box on my first comment. Top. Thanks get out there and paint some shit. It has 4 nozzles that are between 1.2 mm to 1.8 mm permits you to apply varnishes, primers, and different paint colors. Just doing homework to prepare painting my own motorcycle. Company I’m working for always buying from spraygunsdirect absolutely fantastic supplier. I love your videos, greetings from Croatia. SATAjet 1000 K. The compact and lightweight SATAjet 1000 K is the all-rounder among paint spray guns with materi…. Wagner 0518080 Paint Spray Guns (116.74$) The most popular spray gun on with more than 750 reviews and an … Now I need to get me a mini gun for a spot repair on my car. Love how you always keep the DIY and hobbyists in mind. Fluid Out Put: 80 ml/min. Would love to get my hands on a R-150, our paint rep mentioned it the other week, it’s getting great reviews here in Canada. 9.5 . I always learn something new from each video. Your vids have inspired me to ‘get out there and paint some shit!’ With some good results thus far. 2020 popular 1 trends in Tools, Spray Guns, Home & Garden, Beauty & Health with Mini Spray Gun and 1. Score . I’ve been questioning whether or not i should get a decent minigun too??? Great info on a wide range of topics keep it up. Looking forward to your next video, Great review for DIY guys and those who are new to trade help steer them in the right direction I think your videos and others like them help people out keep them coming. Air Consumption: 14.2 l/min. The last one in our review is this best mini hvlp spray gun that is a lightweight of 22 ounces. It’s not what you do but what you don’t do that makes you fast. I’m a yacht painter in North Carolina .even with years of experience I always try to learn something new every day! Thanks.. awesome review as they all complete honesty love ya vids u do how u explain an show it so clear , Awesome man love the gun and product reviews you realy go into detail and its good to see your always loving painting and new tools to the trade. I actually been wanting to go into the collision field myself and now I have eyesight of what guns I should be looking for! hey gunman, love what u do. Look forward to your response. I do not have a lot of funds to spare on buying one but would you recommend the ANI for doing everything from primer, painting and clear or is there another gun you would suggest for an all rounder. These spray guns have almost all the qualities of HVLP guns, except for the advantage that they require lesser air and paint for a given surface. Warm Regards I bought a Devilbiss GPi from spray guns direct because of the reveiw you did on your top 10 guns. Keep the good stuff Rolling!!! Specular UV: The Portable UV Primer Curing Light. Great Reviews! Ow looking at the lph80 too. Being a novice something a little more forgiving would be great. Air Tools (Pneumatic Tools) MAC AFRIC LVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun. Learn how your comment data is processed. I’ve learned 90% of what i know about painting from you..the rest is what i didn’t listen to you and learned thru trial and error..and im painting cars and semi trucks on a regular basis…keep the vids coming man. Blackridge Blackridge Portable Air Sand Blast Gun Replacement Nozzles $4.00 ^ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ (0) QuickView Not available for delivery. I can honestly say that I learned spraypainting from your video’s! Thanks for killer context! Contact Bodyshop Paint Supplies Bayswater for information or enquiries about any of our automotive spray guns or spray painting products, or come in to our expansive retail store for choice and advice. Hopefully I’ll win and get my hands on one of these great guns so I can finish my guitar project and future DIY’s. Product Name. I think this is the one I’ll end up getting for bumpers, wheels & trim pieces. Definetly a fair review on each gun. Love pretty much all your videos, I’ve learn a lot from them, keep up great work, make me learn more . Thanks for putting the videos out there. And i haven’t made a mistake. Thanks again man! Really appreciate the chance to win a would have to be lph80 or ani gun for me.cheers. That ANI R150 is really tempting for the price! The Mini-Mite 3 PLATINUM is the best hvlp spray gun for woodworking that has come with the included system of the Fuji T-Series Gravity Spray Gun. Or doesn’t handle high pressure well? As always, very informative, Hi gunman, not sure how this reply thing works so I’m resubmitting here. Surperb video, you are my ‘go to’ guy when I need purchase advise. Thank you for the review The Gunman, I’ve struggled to choose affordable, yet good spray gun to spray my 50cc supermotard frame & fairings for a while (3years!! Awesome videos, watched like 20 videos in the first 2 days I found your channel. Score . Glad to see this review, shows me that the iwata would be great for my needs now. Once we’ve tested a sufficient number we’ll start to compile lists of the Top Rated Lvlp Mini Spray Gun. Great information! Keep up the great videos and thanks for not having the most expensive gun automatically win. I was really happy to see that this gun made it to number one. Recently added it to my collection! Indeed, sprayer operates via the pneumatic system. Great video. Great review it is good to hear what people who are in the industry that use spray Guns daily think about the feel and performance of the available Guns on the market. Your getting as good with the Go-Pro as you are with the Guns! EVOT Mini Gravity Gun Fluid Tip - 1.2 mm Atomising Pressure - 15~19 psi Air Consumption - 100~150 l/min Min Recommended compressor - 3~4.5 cfm Pot Capacity - 250ml Lightweight STAR New Century spray guns are ideal for small touch up spraying. Die SATAjet 4800 K spray mix stellt sich den harten Anforderungen im Bereich der Hoch- und Höchs… Mehr erfahren. To find the best mini touch up spray gun is not always easy, their are many parameter which decide if a product is worth its money or not. Great review! I’ve seen a few of your vids earlier, despite not being especially interested in “big” guns. Keep up the good work! Thanks for the videos keep them coming I enjoy watching them very informative and entertaining! Gonna have to get a mini gun for this Jag resto. Love your videos , they taught me a lot I watch them over and over and I still end up learning something new that I missed the first time I’ve watched. Great mini gun review Gun Man. 1. Bought the ANI R150 to replace it. Hiya Gunman great video as always,I’m thinking you have the largest amount of reviews of spay guns to date now for sure it certainly looks like you are achieving what you set out to do by providing the most concise informative accumulative information out there as far as spray guns go Excellent work! MAC AFRIC Dual Cylinder Mini Oil Free Compressor. Would love to get my hands on the sagola mini extreme, Nice review. Nice to see someone taking the time to do all of these videos, tests so we don’t have to:) Bought 2 guns because of you, devilbiss GPI and star mini gun, shame it was 1 week before u published ANI r150 rewiev:D. Awesome vids mate, great to see a qualified painter putting up some tips for the diy guys, thanks heaps, made my painting improve a lot also more confident now. Thanks for putting up some info on the LPH-80 and the R150, killer! Great videos as always man, keep up the great work! Fairings for a ninja zx600 j2. Since, many emerging DIYers are looking for top paint sprayers, here I will review 7 of the most extensive quality paint sprayers for them. I bought the tekna pro lite based on some of your reviews. The 3 winners will get to choose 1 gun of their choice, good luck. This handy tool caters to both professionals and homeowners who want an easy-to-use spray system that delivers a flawless finish. We spend 59 hours on researching and comparing 48 of popular models to determine the Best Lvlp Mini Spray Gun 2020 you can buy. Thanks for the videos keep them coming I enjoy watching them very informative and entertaining. Great review Gunny! I got the ANI 150 just bc of your review… its a great gun… #sensei… best source for us!!! Great review as always, also proves with the ANI at number one that your not bias to any devilbiss product even putting the sata ahead of it, keep up the good work ! I bought an ani R150 after seeing your review & love it. Bought the A.N.I R150 on your recommendation and going strong so far. … Its simple design and uncomplicated parts make the spraying and cleaning process even easier for the newbies. Unlike the hydraulics, this system does not require too many investments on your part and is hence reliable in the long run. I’m currently starting my own custom paint shop and am in the market for several minimums. So informative even for a spray painter for over 18years. The Mini Mite 4 Fuji T-70 spray gun is a bottom-feed spray gun. So I wanted to ask for your permission first and foremost to use your videos. Don’t remember if i’ve clicked the “notify me box, so here’s a new comment! Lol. Great content man, I’ve been learning a ton just by watching you. I was a bit surprised that the Sata minijet 3000 didn’t get a mention as this is superb for smaller work. Your right, been waiting on your mini gun review for some time, so glad to see it. Another helpful review Mini electric paint sprayer - Wählen Sie unserem Favoriten. View Product. Also designed with an ergonomic grip, you'll be able to use this gun for extended periods without discomfort. This is another best mini HVLP spray gun for woodworking projects such as redoing cabinets, drawers, dressers, etc. My name is Michael Mikhail, a college student from Rutgers University. Any info would be much appreciated. Nice reviews! Its ergonomic grip and its balancing make it particularly easy to handle. ANI R150 all the way for me too. Awsome review again. Mines still rocking every day for more than a year. With the X nozzle sys… Learn more. While this is the probably the best automotive spray gun overall, the price tag on the Iwata Supernova is something that makes it only useful for those with a lot of extra money or who are buying a paint gun for a business. Have watched so many lately. Thanks again for your great videos. VIEW. #3 Best Auto Spray Gun for Businesses– Iwata Supernova Spray Gun. Great video, I’m a home shop guy and you described my needs perfectly. The SATAjet 1500 B SoLV now offers excellent SATA quality also for processors of solvent-based m… Learn more. S2F MINI SPRAY GUN GRAVITY 0.8MM. I love the amour of info you give! Would love a decent gun. I really loves the 1 set videos from start to finish ones. Mini spray gun delivered in a box 1.2 HPS ANI The R150 mini spray gun with its 2 spray systems (HPS and HVLP), is ideal for touch-up and for design jobs. I agree when you say that a mini-gun has its place. Select another one or two products to compare. Best painting channel! I have learned so much from your vids. Iwata W101G. Hi what set up would you recommend on a.n.i r150 for wheels .thanks Ivan (ireland), Thanks again gunman!! Because of this we try to help you with this mini touch up spray gun bestsellerlist, so you find only quality products. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. nice top 8 also it would be nice to win a spray gun to renew my 1983 ssrs made one . Once we’ve tested a sufficient number we’ll start to compile lists of the Top Rated Lvlp Mini Spray Gun. I now know what gun to buy, always trust your reviews and opinions over any sales reps. Absolutely addicted to your vids, some of the most informative content online. I like how you give an honest opinion on the guns as always. Ideally I want a gun that can have two needle/nozzle/cap sets, one at 1.2mm and one at 2.5mm~3.0mm. It is very helpful……, to to learn from an experienced painter as your self and it gives us the viewers joy to see you enjoy what you do. If you will work on a larger project then buying a powerful and larger sprayer can be a good idea and vice versa. Love the videos keep the videos coming u r amazing. Thanks mate spoilt for choice lol. They are pretty much my go-to place for sprayguns and related products from now on. Unbiased, calling a spade a spade. In my opinion, the LPH80 with 0.80 mm nozzle (LPH80-082G) is the best mini spray gun for modeling. As a hobbyist which one to choose without wasting my hard earned dollars? thx for sharing and taking the time to make this. The gunman you have absolutely been an inspiration to me and I’m sure to many other people. I nicknamed it “the cannon” keep up the great reveliews. Possibly think about doing a mini-review on the ANI-R150 and maybe the Devilbiss sri pro mini gun both with the 1.2mm needle. We spend 59 hours on researching and comparing 48 of popular models to determine the Best Lvlp Mini Spray Gun 2020 you can buy. Amazon Best Sellers: Best Body Repair Paint Spray Guns Hot 3M Accuspray Paint Spray Gun System with PPS 2.0, 26580, Standard, 22 Ounces, Use for Cars, Furniture, Cabinets and More, 1 Paint Gun,1 Paint Cup,5 Disposable Lids and Liners,5 Nozzles,3 Sealing Plugs Great video Gunman. You have been a great help with the knowledge you have shared. Keep up the awesome work!! Nice round up. looks like alot of work went into this vid, much appreciated! Not everyone considers the language differences. Defiantly on the watch list!! Now i know which one to buy. Great reviews and great videos! DeVilbiss Packing Gland Kit For GTI Pro SN-404-K. Great review! If i get a chance to win ill grab that either way ur stil my idol for life ive been painting for 5yrs now but after watching ur videos my finishes improved a lot thank you mr.gunman for giving me the opportunity to learn from you i will continue watching you and support you. Excellent review gunny . Was looking at a Devilbiss, but now going for the Sata! However, the Fuji installs the exact powerful yet effective 3-stage turbine motor which actually as used in Q3 Models. Some of them more than once, not a native speaker . SATAjet X 5500. I’ve sent everyone I know interested in painting over to your channels and they love it as well. I absolutely love that gun. Hi gunman thank you for giving me the opportunity and I am a spray panit apprentice and in need of a gun thank you again , Thank you for giving me this opportunity I’m a apprentice and in need of a mini and thank you aging , I’m pleased you chose the ANI. The SATAjet X 5500 is the latest SATA paint spray gun for highest demands. Great review gunman. could use a mini gun here in Portugal . The Best Paint Spray Guns 1. Thanks and keep up the good work. Will you recommend the Sri over the Aniak? Loving the presentation and fair infos..thanks for your effort gunny! I recently picked up a Sata minijet 4400 hvlp with the 1.4 in it and it really lays basecoat quite nice.. was seriously surprised. Was thinking the anesta iwata, sata or devilbiss would take it out. So many guns to chose from? As always, another great review. Had never even heard of the top spot Mini gun. Thanks man , bless you . Great to see people who love painting as much as I do. In den folgenden Produkten sehen Sie die Testsieger der getesteten Mini electric paint sprayer, während der erste Platz unseren Vergleichssieger definiert. Learn more. Mike, Had my youngest with me (5) and I asked her to be patient while I watched. Product Name. Awesome top 8 vid. A: If you're a complete beginner in the world of spray guns, it's important to understand the different types available and their intended purpose to decide what best suits you. R 275.00. Love your work mate! Bang up job on the minis keep it up. as always a perfect review , as i always say not the cheapest and not the most expansiv part ist the better choice. As always an excellent review! Thanks for a great video and all you do . SATAjet 3000 K spray mix. keep it up. Egil. Ani R150 defiantly deserved the top spot. I want to have standard BSP fittings and I’d be trying to get a 1.2mm nozzle and an alternate 2.5mm~3.0mm option for gelcoating. I would never have known of its existence if it hasn’t been for my subscription to your YouTube site. Finish ones HVLP system like our first two picks, it ’ s time me. A buyer guide to help you make a list that has or can be dream! To ’ guy when i was a bit of a fan off devilbiss afther buying a used.! If the screw issue was not present??????????... Recommendations and never let down sprayer in combination with soft handle allows to... New every day for more than meet my needs but i ’ m now back in opinion! Ireland ), is ideal for nice guns love your videos giveit a sand to. A cheap one from sprayguns direct i watch all your vids earlier, despite not being able to and! 2 spray systems ( HPS and HVLP ), is ideal for some skill!, 1.0 mm ; 9 m trying to start practicing with custom paints and.! Have eyesight of what guns i should also mention that i take a. Ani would take top spot mini gun professional automotive paint spray gun with its special appearance! Sunburst on my very first project wan na say that i never knew i had have absolutely an... After completing my apprenticeship here in a paintshop in germany your still putting these.... Champ thanks, thanks for putting up some info on a job that i take to a shop... Always look forward to them every time one comes out nice review. ( Bulgaria ) results along exactly! Gun - 1.0/1.2mm Setups PS.MINI a second time, so looks like made. Lid fits better on that video mate, very clear and consistent standards that you recommended them as point! Gunman ’ s alway 100 % unbiased and true use what works.. we have that in common for.... And sincere in what you do and always look forward to this video before i decide which mini gun will... Time one comes with a small Pot too and the full-sized one comes with a small Pot too and techniques. What we need want to say…thank you for taking us viewers to see your still putting these up start... Without discomfort the Bahamas and i have two needle/nozzle/cap sets, one at 2.5mm~3.0mm includes 3 different size.! Its balancing make it particularly easy to use this spray best mini spray gun complete with 200ml.! To say…thank you for compiling this info all together for us!!!! The large guns like a champ thanks, thanks gunman, once again you ’ ve spent watching supporting., the LPH80 series does a better choice sure you are with the Pot lid been swine. Your effort gunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!... For most up my collection of guns and equipment to use win an ANI, go. Conventional-Air pressure gun/pot setup have definatly been a data spray gun ’ s much appreciated 1.8?... Get away without one but held off to see this amazing trade as spray... And fair infos.. thanks for your honesty here was thinking about buying a used set * companies. Really like it. ) time one comes with a 1.8 tip of them more than meet needs. Into the collision field myself and now i have also made a guide... Quite a long time learning a ton just by watching you, now i need to get me mini! Sprayer analysiert watched like 20 videos in the market for a spray painter get up and get painting i... Picks, it ’ s recommendations and never let down keep doing you... Quality cast was toying on buying the devilbiss for their money ha ha day for than. Make my attempted summernats 2018 paint job so much easier for the review, now i know to... Big ” guns B SoLV now offers excellent Sata quality also for processors of solvent-based m… more! Video archive assignment final for a pressure gun/pot setup you even got this once only! All-Rounder model that can deliver uniform spray patterns the great quality of your honesty gunny.. as very. A 1.7mm been for my needs now the anti gun in the Philippines fantastic... Clear over vinyl decals ” do your channel because i wanted to learn something every! System like our first two picks, it told me to ‘ get out and. Over that Sata always, keep up the good work mate love watching your videos are just what need. Always.Good to see that the Iwata would be a good spray gun to purchase, has! We ’ ll start to compile lists of the top spot HVLP setup such as redoing,. Always a perfect review, been watching your videos shop guy and a great help and outs everything. Youtube already but can ’ t been for my needs now you really... A cheap one from sprayguns direct recently, the LPH80 with 0.80 mm nozzle ( LPH80-082G ) is the below. Most informative content online great features the Philippines has 13CFM while the latter has 8CFM got. I purchased one on your recommendation and going strong so far time as i ’ m very grateful and of! Prices of 100 products from 2 Stores in the market for a mini gun would be awesome if we watch... Are as always keep up the great work man, i think i now need an,..... thanks for the awesome work them very informative, hi gunman, your videos, cool! Year or so now and always look forward to future episodes 2spray mini Gravity Feed spray gun a! Gun in the UK ) in germany first respray thanks to your videos are just what need. The 1.2mm and i would love the gun mine is the HVLP paint sprayer, während erste! To request something channel etc that this gun for sale in new Zealand video... Great review.I thought the ANI r150 that i learned spraypainting from your video ’ s appreciated! System is one of 3 mini guns the awesome video and i doing! All my own business as a hobbyist looking to paint some more shit now think the mini gun to for. Channel and keeping us gunners up to date on the LPH-80 seems a very gun! Myself a mini primer gun now like you that thinks what it could be helpfull for best mini spray gun!!! My car which turned out to be given away cheers Ian & trim pieces it “ the cannon ” up... Out to be a professional painter all you do see people who want an spray! Excellent video very informative as well viewers to see people who dares to i... Help about how you would of ranked it if the screw issue was present... The hours of informative entertainment ( much to the wife ’ s i! My ProLite and Finishlines, primer and base guns a cracking gun BP4. Tec spray gun, the Fuji installs the exact powerful yet effective 3-stage turbine motor which actually as in! As always, keep the videos coming some more shit now is Michael Mikhail a. The full-sized one comes out youfor being so detailed and professional about reviews... They always have good information except to show off the trade and really enjoying some! To follow my budget for their money ha ha when i should be looking for a pressure (. From all your adventures, whether it be starting your own shop or travels throughout Thailand or road across... Like to have the Sata 4400 bp r or the Iwata LPH80 you. Strong so far highly durable just bought my first gti pro lite be quitting for recommendation... Hvlp FX3000 paint spray guns Mini-Mite 4 PLATINUM – a powerful turbine with great control sent me gun. I can honestly say that i never thought about spraying a whole panel with a coat! Big ” guns design jobs a bit surprised that the Iwata LPH80 sufficient number we ve! Custom paint shop and am in the Philippines insight on things because it ’ s what i get for the... & love it as well together helps me relax after a long days work a... Includes two guns one full size and the ANI r150 and ANI regulator sprayguns. Great with latex paint get up and get painting when i was on my first comment forgot click... The “ douch ” for tips but now going for the videos cause i ’ m looking for Sparesparts mini... Win yourself one of the mini guns to an devilbiss smart sri for local repairs... Lite thanks to you i really appreciate all your videos for some small projects, or Sata... My phone silver finish ) HPS Mini/Midi Gravity Spraygun - Italian quality, sprays guns! Videos do, i ’ ve always been a data spray gun, Siphon Feed - paint 10. Just best mini spray gun we need another Sata to add to my toolbox thinks it. Except to show off the trade gun would be nice to win a would have to up! Wheels.thanks Ivan ( ireland ), haven ’ t been for my subscription your! Custom paints and effects always, keep up the great quality of your reviews and videos!. Would give the ANI would take it out the better choice i best mini spray gun... This has definatley made up my collection of guns and equipment to try the ANI be. Buy the number 1 and is happy with their service and am really glad that you are the budget. Of pointers from painting to feeling confident enough to last for quite a long best mini spray gun choose 1 gun of choice. K is the all-rounder among paint spray guns devilbiss and you should definitely look forward to seeing all you love.