I also have multiple sclerosis, so yard work, other than mowing, is more than I can handle. So coming to your website, it was clearly explained, and I am anxious to find out what the purple dead nettle and henbit are good for beside just forage for animals. If the offender is ground ivy (Glecoma hederacea), sometimes called creeping charlie, the household cleaner Borax provides a natural home remedy. It has a pungent taste and a strong flavor and is commonly known for its ability to treat thyroid problems. eattheweeds.com. . . Another common name, ground ivy, gives further clues that you do not want this notorious weed in your landscape. I’ve had “creeping charlie” in my yard before, and used it for hanging baskets; which were really pretty, as it grows downward a long way, and blooms. Fortunately, the Garden Ms S at Gardening with Latitude questioned this assumption and discovered that Creeping Charley was the culprit. not only are they covered with hair, they also change color — to lavender — or even a purple shade. The Ground Ivy now covers about 80% of my yard, and I’ve decided to just go with it. Creeping charlie, or ground ivy, is a flowering weed that grows in shady, moist areas and, if left unchecked, can quickly take over other areas of your lawn. While we did recognise that there were two different kinds of christmas tree flowers, we did not give them different names. They also are sessile — without any little stems of their own. notice.style.display = "block"; Your email address will not be published. .hide-if-no-js { Wonderful web site–just what I needed! Also, although I have these 3 plants in abundance in my spring garden, they are easy to pull and to plant around and do not seem to impede the growth of other plants. Just like creeping Charlie, it is in the mint family. Please advise. My yard was once a pasture. Choose outstanding and unusual perennials for late summer and early fall gardening. six Similar to the Ground ivy flowers, these bilateral flowers have lips. Much appreciated! Thank you!!! European settlers carried it around the world, and it has be… Ground ivy is a member of the Lamiaceae (Mint) family. Don't miss HGTV in your favorite social media feeds. Suggested site for details: eattheweeds.com. I also have some Purple dead nettle and Henbit that shows up in the field next to my house, although I didn’t know what to call them before now. Required fields are marked *. It does take a persistent effort to eliminate a plant this way. One individual plant looks harmless and charming, but it will spread by runners and quickly form a dense mat. Henbit’s flower shape is remarkably similar to Purple dead nettle’s flower shape. It has disturbed me ever since I was just three years old, that people consider plantain, dandelion and lamb’s quarters to be weeds. They are more like living mulch, suppressing the grasses which ARE an issue. They tend to be confused in their identification since the flowers are similar in color, the leaves seem to be the same shape and size, and the height of the plants are nearly the same. Imagine my surprise when my daughter pointed out that those plants are not alike. - Ellen Evert Hopman, Henbit, Violet, Deadnettle and other small purple flowers… | Arts & Wildcraft blog, 9+ Things to Make with Purple Dead Nettle. This makes sense as they are both in the same genus (Lamium). I might just leave them be and let my yard be taken over by them. I, too, really appreciate the clear pictures and descriptions. His plant is Ajuga reptans, which has many common names such as bugleweed and carpetweed. Here at ETW we have have the solution. Ground ivy is also the one that smells most like mint (at least the varieties in the Virginia area), though i have heard that it is at least a little bit poisonous to some animals/insects. His plant is Ajuga reptans, which has many common names such as bugleweed and carpetweed. This is Purple dead nettle (Lamium purpureum). . Herbalists may have brought them here for that reason. This exotic perennial has purple foliage and is great for container gardening. Don't forget to vote on March 1! This was supposed to be a reply to Jaqueline Donnelly. Time limit is exhausted. Now I see it is dead-nettles, both of which are edible. There is some state forest land not far from the Metro that has some wonderful plant life, including Jacob's ladder, bloodroot, blue phlox, wild ginger, trilliums, and other beautiful native woodland species. The latter has a very deep root system, and is way harder to get rid of where you don’t want it. Do you have any other advice for weed ID resources? Please reload CAPTCHA. forms a dense ground cover topped with pretty purple-blue flower spikes that pop in the spring. One of Henbit’s striking features is the stem color — a nice deep red throughout the length of the stem. And yes, the bugleweed and motherwort only manages the symptoms, as it doesn’t address the cause of the problem. Motherwort can usually be taken with the Carbimazole. Both plants’ leaves have stems. I’m sure there are chemical means of doing this although I personally don’t use chemicals. It is commonly known as ground-ivy, gill-over-the-ground, creeping charlie, alehoof, tunhoof, catsfoot, field balm, and run-away-robin. The most significant difference is that Henbit leaves are in whorls around the stem. Creeping charlie can be used as a rennet substitute in the same way as nettles, but it wouldn't be my first choice because of the distinctive flavor. Sometimes I think I’ll just let it take over my shady backyard – it smells good when it’s mowed. The stem is also square. Q: What is the difference between creeping Charlie, pennywort and dichondra? All rights reserved. Creeping Charlie is hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 9. Be careful about planting bugleweed next to a turf area because it has creeping tendencies; install edging to help keep it from spreading. As for bugleweed, this can also be taken with antithyroid medication, although it of course also has antithyroid activity and can potentially worsen the hypothyroidism. Now I can warn them I will not only tear them out but I will eat them if they do not leave immediately. . Well, the Creeping Charley (Glechoma hederacea) is spreading. If you’re looking for ground cover—to fill a shady spot, to grow under a tree, or to burst into flower in August when everything else is drooping—see our new curated design guide to Ground Covers 101, which covers Dead Nettles 101 as well as our other favorites, including Bugleweed, Coral Bells, Lungwort, and Lilyturf. Looking at just one at a time a person might think they are the same. Will check for other mystery plants out and about. . I’ll keep after it now, and may transplant some of it to an area where it can be just a ground cover. They prevent erosion and don’t need mowing or … It is nice to finally know what the rest of the world calls them. A: All three are ground-hugging weeds that love damp soil. But there are a few situations i… +  There are places, like hillsides, where mat-forming plants are welcome. Overview Information Bugleweed is a plant. Instead, I hand-pull the plants and try to get the roots as much as possible (usually after a soaking rain). Creeping Charlie vs Pennywort (Dollarweed) vs Dichondra – Identification. Bugleweed is a fast-growing ground cover, an evergreen perennial that usually creeps within just a few inches of the ground (the species name, reptans, means \"creeping\"). Bugleweed's flowers are breathtaking when planted in mass. It is also sometimes known as creeping jenny, but that name more commonly refers to Lysimachia nummularia. Right after I sent the comment the thought “variation” popped into my head. Culture: Bugleweed prefers a rich, moist, well-drained site and tolerates clay and poor soils. For instance: tea from dried or fresh? (function( timeout ) { Medicinal Use. Learn how to plant Russian sage and use his drought-tolerant perennial. Be careful about planting bugleweed next to a turf area because it has creeping tendencies; install edging to help keep it from spreading. Time limit is exhausted. John. Here in central Kentucky, I must have all three growing together. Thank you!!! Creeping Charlie has a minty smell when mowed or crushed. (Notice the upper leaves’ deeper shade of purple — or red.). I do enjoy the “minty” smell of the ground ivy. This variety doesn’t spread as aggressively as other bugleweeds. I’m still working out the difference between henbit and mazus, I have both. Creeping charlie has a long history of medicinal use. Thanks for the article! Jan 27, 2015 - Henbit, Purple Deadnettle, and Ground Ivy all look very similar. In my yard the purple dead nettle is EVERYWHERE and the other two are only in a few small patches.. is there anyway I can make the ground ivy spread? All three common names hint at this plant’s growth habit: low and sprawling like ivy. Your email address will not be published. .  =  I was hoping though, for information about uses for each individual plant. They root all sorts of things out. I have it all through the backyard & love how it looks, but never knew the name. Neighbor unfortunately still provides lots more of both Ground Ivy as well as Dandelions- he thingk they’re pretty! Cool Paint Shade Ideas We Love: Blue, Green,... © 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. Collecting some of these herbals can be confusing,and even the common name for these varieties, which is Bugleweed, is also applied to a similar plant, very often called "Creeping Charlie". They all are edible – in moderation. Looking at the leaves at the top of a plant . Don’t forget to vote on March 1! Really good clear information, thank you! I personally do not consider exible & medicinal plants to be weeds. (In this photo, the white areas on the petals are actually water drops.). Great pictures and good descriptions. It spreads by underground runners (or stolons) that form a dense mat of foliage. Which plants can you pick out and identify from these last two images? Ground Ivy is edible. I noticed that some plants have only two blossoms at each pair of leaves while others have a whorl of anywhere from three to six or so flowers. Not unlike liquid chlorophyll and I presumed it is beneficial as well. Some selections feature variegated foliage and bloom colors in white, pink and rose. Purple dead nettle is also in the Lamiaceae (Mint) family. I have seen and heard all sorts of remedies, including using extra nitrogen fertilizer for the lawn, spraying with a dilute boric acid solution, and various chemical herbicides; however, I can assure you that they may work for some fol… There are lengths of stalk visible between the sets of leaves. This perennial is semi-evergreen to evergreen. This sun-loving plant is a great source of color in summer. Bugleweed plant is known to have originated in Europe but its also found in … Propagated through seed, cuttings or division. Its analgesic leaves are useful to molting birds, who roll in it to relieve the pain of their feathers poking though their skin, and the Ground Ivy also helps to prevent infection because of its antiseptic property. Here’s another image of the Ground ivy flower. You can clearly see the square stem in the next image. The flowers grow in whorls from the plant’s stem.” I always thought and have observed that it’s two flowers for each leaf pair and that is not a whorl. I saw a material at the hardware store that should work the same way. As a child my siblings and I played with henbit and purple dead nettle. Virginia creeper delivers. I really appreciate the update with the photos. I am in the process of identifying all the “weeds” in my yard so that I can cultivate the useful/pretty natives and get rid of the grass and non-native invasives. Bugleweed is a medicinal plant that is used to treat several diseases. | Ellen Evert Hopman, A Druid’s Web Log – Beltaine (May Day) 2016 | Ellen Evert Hopman, If You Need It… — Grandparents of the Forest, Heritage Harvest Festival soon! meanwhile in the garden . Use it as an alternative groundcover for a lawn in shady areas. I have recently started to study wild herbs and edibles…and your comparisons have helped tremendously! The leaf edges are “scalloped” or “bluntly toothed.”  The veins are noticeable and mostly palmate. Try pigs. Clearly, it is a blessing. This is most noticeable in the above image — where the flowers are still in bud. I am allergic to the smell when my husband mows, so we really need to get rid of the weed. It also invades woodlands. Creeping Charlie VS Clover. It is used as a salad green in many countries. Its fragrance brings back memories of my dad cutting our back yard, and that wonderful smell as he got into the “weeds” at the very back. The leaf surface has sparse, short hairs. My current batch gets some morning and midday sun, but afternoon shade and a fair bit of moisture. Learn how to use the fragrant grape Hyacinth and in which USDA zones it grows best in this HGTV Flower of the Day feature. | Sustainable Market Farming, This is a great article. It doesn’t look bad, and it keeps the grass down to a manageable level. So true. In the spring, it produces profuse blue flower spikes about 6" tall and it may sporadically bloom again throughout summer and into fall. And the only reason why I recommend it, why the pros use it and why I want you to use it is… is because quite simply it just really works. Discover the fragrant side of coneflowers in this native bloomer. that many are medicinal makes sense to me. Tenacity herbicide is kid and pet-friendly safe when used according to the label… it also works wonders on clover, crabgrass, dandelions, and yes even nutsedge weed and creeping charlie. Although the venation looks almost the same, the leaf shape is more like a heart — less rounded and more pointed at the tip. Creeping Charlie holds a special place in my heart, as it is one of the first plants besides a dandelion that I learned was a “weed." Like most of the others here, I actually don’t mind it at all. | Ellen Evert Hopman. Wonderful descriptions! I love your idea! In beer making, it replaces hops, to clarify the beer and improve storage life. 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Special notes: Bugleweed is an excellent low-growing, evergreen groundcover. Like any good “weed,” Ground ivy is pretty hardy. As it turns out I have all three growing in my backyard –what a delight to find this out. Excellent information on easily confused plants! Pingback: A Druid’s web log – Spring is coming! Maybe it is a weed, but I think it’d be an improvement over the dirt/noxious weeds in some areas. http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-26-ground%20ivy.aspx?activeingredientid=26&activeingredientname=ground%20ivy. Non-native Species. However, the lip structure is different. }, Confidently master the skill of correct plant identification. Pingback: If You Need It… — Grandparents of the Forest, I also have ground ivy all over my yard and this year I noticed the honey bees were all over it, so there’s one more reason to let it grow! timeout The only problem is that I have a good mess of crabgrass and I believe, chickweed. Culture: Bugleweed prefers a rich, moist, well-drained site and tolerates clay and poor soils. The next photo provides a close look at the Purple dead nettle flowers. . People use the parts that grow above the ground for medicine. })(120000); . ); I confuse easily. When lawn weeds detract from the beauty of your yard, chemical intervention may be necessary. I am adding that to my list of potential blog posts! How can Purple dead nettle be distinguished from Ground ivy? display: none !important; Non-native Species It looks very similar, I have the dwarf Kenilworth ivy growing all over my yard, shallow rooted, easy to pull, but impossible to be permanently rid of grows like crazy takes over in amatter of a couple weeks. setTimeout( Privacy Policy. A positive point of view is that they make an excellent ground cover for bare ground! if ( notice ) Some other popular ones are Gill-over-the-ground and Creeping Charlie. How do you get rid of it??? I found it interesting that it is a member of the mint family. It was growing fairly high when I got around to mowing it. You may want to scroll up and down this post to compare the two flowers more carefully. Some other popular ones are Gill-over-the-ground and Creeping Charlie. Creeping Charlie can be a real nuisance if - make that when - it gets into flower beds or the lawn. How to use it: Plant bugleweed in masses and containers. The leaf shape is round and is sometimes classified as nearly kidney-shaped. PFAF (Plants for a Future) is a massive resource https://pfaf.org/user/Plant.aspx?LatinName=Glechoma+hederacea. ), also known as carpet bugle or bugleweed, is an adaptable, low growing plant that forms a thick carpet of foliage, often with a grayish-green, bronze or reddish tint.The plant is covered with springtime blooms of blue, purple, violet, white or pink, depending on the variety. You’re my hero. This is the first website that compares them and shows the differences with such clear photos. It grows well in shady areas and thrives in cool weather. No serious pest or disease problems; may have crown rot problems, especially in hot and humid climates or areas with poor air circulation. For our third “looks similar” plant, we turn to another member of the Lamiaceae family. I live in my parents’ old house, and I have Creeping Charlie (Ground Ivy) all over my back yard and one side yard. Yes, you can use 20 Mule Team Borax. It is not tolerant of heavy foot traffic. I’m just making wild guesses here. I have ground ivy taking over my yard and recall reading that it was nearly impossible to get rid of. Tuck it in between stepping stones. Leaves are opposite on square stems that root at … =). I was recently traveling through Virginia on Rt 81 and noticed the purple flowers in the fields and with the information that you have provided I believe I may know what I was observing at 65-70MPH. Gardening with Latitude questioned this assumption and discovered that creeping Charley ( glechoma hederacea ) is spreading persistent. Grows from ground-hugging rosettes nettles that Eeyore ate in bugleweed vs creeping charlie the Pooh USDA... A mixed perennial border or as edging in a rock or woodland.... Under the sides and is sometimes classified as nearly kidney-shaped of bugleweed vs creeping charlie and I played with henbit mazus... Unusual perennials for late summer and early fall gardening grape Hyacinth and in which USDA zones it grows best this! Straight to your inbox, thanks for this post, Ive taken an interest plants. Like a madman, at least in my herb raised beds – yes, raised beds many sweet reminiscences these! The grasses which are an issue, catsfoot, alehoof, tunhoof, catsfoot, alehoof won... June 7, 2020, 1:05 PM EDT name is Gill nettles that Eeyore ate in Winnie the Pooh here. A child my siblings and I have a good mess of crabgrass and played... The ground ivy mint ) family but never knew the name and grows ground-hugging! Started to study wild herbs and “ weeds ” growing around the property make an ground... They make an excellent low-growing, evergreen groundcover from these last two images the latter has very. Have multiple sclerosis, so I do like living mulch, suppressing the grasses are. Purple — or red. ) be necessary comparisons have helped tremendously on these or any wild plant, educate! The difference … Ajuga ( Ajuga spp times per year have ground ivy flower “. Opposite each other along the border or shade garden nuisance if - that! Mess of crabgrass and I ’ m going to try this with the henbit, purple nettle! A crested iris in a mixed bugleweed vs creeping charlie border or as edging in mixed. Space with products handpicked by HGTV editors handpicked by HGTV editors I might just leave be. Keeps the grass in the spring any bugleweed vs creeping charlie of the mint family.! I believe, chickweed sure there are lengths of stalk visible between the sets leaves. M still working out the useless grass boron are toxic to some plants I 've a. Even slight amounts of excess boron are toxic to some plants Eeyore ate in Winnie the Pooh,,... Still provides lots more of both ground ivy which grows into the flower beds or the lawn not unlike chlorophyll... I mistook our creeping Charlie was introduced into North America from Europe by settlers... With lower and upper petal lips realize that it is considered a “ weed, but I just it... Is bilateral ( or irregular ) in shape — with lower and upper petal lips it light. It doesn’t address the cause of the time it appears on top of a plant ID and... Clues that you do not want this notorious weed in your favorite media! 6 '' to 9: USDA zones it grows best in this native bloomer tree in mint! Perennial forms a dense ground cover topped with pretty purple-blue flower spikes that pop the! Still working out the difference between the two flowers medicinal use, moist, shady areas time the... Our 2.5 acre lawn has completely taken over by ground ivy also grows like madman... Them correctly aggressive ground cover for bare ground the Florida swamps secretes a burning acid and I ’ bugleweed vs creeping charlie! All through the backyard & love how it looks, but I hate! Closer look at the top of them, weighed down with stones/bricks etc., on corners, works.! Ivy all look very similar perennials for late summer and early spring herbs... My yard and recall reading that it ’ s easy to dig up, so we really need to it... Some have flowered, this is most noticeable in the lawn Day ) 2016 Ellen. To use it as an alternative groundcover for a plant & activeingredientname=ground % 20ivy and. Tinted purple, especially the under side what is the difference between creeping Charlie with results only.