Yau Nim Chi is a stepmother and also a single mother of 3: Kam Nin, Kam Yuet, Kam Yat. Cute Moments between Linda and Steven 1. Find more ways to say virtue, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. At the time, Kei was brainwashed by his success and he threw away the present given to him by his devoted fan Kam Sa Sa, she found out about his bad behaviour and changed her opinions on Kei, until this day Kei's career has taken a downward turn and now takes on the odd role for "mature" actors at the TV station, Kei still doesn't know that that fan who he hurt so many years ago is the same Sa who is the neighbour who keeps arguing against him. Although set in modern Hong Kong, some imagine spots do take place in period settings, from imperial China to wartime Shanghai to fantasy literature. The Virtues of Harmony II is a long-running TVB television series, which follows its first series, Virtues of Harmony, a series set in Ancient China. 明朝中業,天下太平。為人低調,但卻有一派女中豪傑風範的遊念慈(薛家燕飾)在池力共鎮經營一間名為洞蜜園的飯莊。當年念慈是號稱賽鳳凰的女山賊,劫富濟貧,武功了得。自嫁給金華(羅樂林飾)後金盆洗手,全力經營飯莊並養育非己所出的三名子女。 The second series of The Virtues of Harmony follows on from the happy ending of the first series. About. Produced by Tsui Yu On, the sitcom was a TVB production and aired five days a week from September 17, 2001 to December 28, 2002. Cast time Duration time Gift of Wind: Increases Air production of an ally by 250. See more. Furie . The programme got a great success and turned out to be a series as “Virtues of Harmony 2” was followed to produce after the first chapter. The family makes a wish on a wishing tree to live together … Hawick Lau (劉愷威; born 13 October 1974) is a Hong Kong Chinese actor and singer. It is not difficult to see why. Mất Dấu III 2020. Troublesome Night 5 . But Nin had fallen in love with Joey at first sight because he was mesmerized by her sweet sincere smile. Virtues Of Harmony 2 . The first season (the first 327 episodes) was a period piece, set in the Ming Dynasty. The plot goes through the lives and stories of these characters. In fact, it's something of a running topic across the series, as the Gam ladies buy a lot of fabric, jewelry, and accessories. Story: Lok's (Simon Yam) two-year reign over the Wo-Sing triads is soon coming to an end. The allure of the series was the humorous storylines and how the good always wins. Virtues of Harmony (2001-2005) (皆大欢喜, literally Everyone Is Happy) was one of Hong Kong’s TVB station’s longest running sitcom series (over 700 episodes spanning two seasons in four years). Die ganz zufällige Wiederbelebung des gesamten Danganronpa 2-Casts am Ende mittels Deus Ex-MAchina (Wird zwar am Ende von 2 nicht ausgeschlossen, aber bitte) Das war einfach nur für die Fans, welche es nicht ertragen haben das Ihr Husbando/Waifu in Teil 2 verstorben ist. English Title: Virtues of Harmony 2 Chinese: Gai Tai Foon Hei Vietnamese: Tinh Nguoi Hien Dai 2 * This series is so long that is hasn't finished filming! Virtues of Harmony One was set in ancient China during the Ming Dynasty.It follows the lives of the Kam family. Wedded definition, united in matrimony; married: the wedded couple; a wedded woman. This long running Series talks about the Kam family that opens a cafe called "Tong Mi Yuan Cha Quan" in mandarin. thanks :D Spells: Able to cast 3rd-level arcane spells. Their wish come true, and they live on from the Ming Dynasty, pass the Qing dynasty, past the World Wars, past Depression and Strike and War and Conflict and end up now in the modern world. Yau Nim Chi has become the owner of a HK style cafe which called "Tung Mut Yuen"(the Cantonese homophone of "Zoo"), Chi was a police officer in her youth and after marrying the "Tung Mut Yuen" cafe owner Kam Wah, she left her position to look after the three young children that Wah had with his previous wife. It is not only Kei who is not at peace with Sa, there is also Wan Ying Gei who was a high school classmate of hers, at the time the two were like sisters, but later they became enemies and after so many years, they treated each other as strangers until later Gei married into the Kam family and became their Auntie and the reason for their disharmony is finally revealed. Profile. Our best will always be hidden behind a wall that can only be scaled with fearlessness. The star of the show was Nancy Sit, a kind hearted matriarch with the best intentions. I was watching this series on crunchyroll but unfortunately it is liscenced. The Virtues of Harmony II is a long-running TVB television series, which follows its first series, Virtues of Harmony, a series set in Imperial China. Genre: Comedy, Drama, Sitcom. The only thing you have to lose is inhibition. Asian Movies and TV Series Reviews, Photos and News . The last thing she remembered of Nin was that she hated him and that Nin is a horrible person. Michael Tse as Kam Yuet 金月. Cast: Louis Koo Nick Cheung Mark Cheng Simon Yam You Yong Cheung Mo-Hau Lam Ka Tung Cheung Siu-Fai Lam Suet Andy On Wang Chung Wang Tian-lin Pan Yue-Tong Tam Ping-Man. They had some ups and downs with Joey mistaking Nin of being a rude and uptight person when he tried to reason with her to take her job seriously. Virtues of Harmony 2 is a interesting, heart-breaking and humorous Hong Kong Series. At this time, Joey's admirer who is also Nin's best friend, Sam came back from his work. Rating: four-point-five ***Be aware of a very long review. Lo is very petty and is a little woman and has a sworn sister at work Shek Mei (Cutie Mui). Das nimmt für mich jeglichen Impact aus Teil 2. Âm Dương Lộ Phần 5 1999. The second series of The Virtues of Harmony follows on from the happy ending of the first series. Random Screencaps 1. Virtues of Harmony is a long-running sitcom from Hong Kong, lasting 327 episodes with two direct seasons. The second series of The Virtues of Harmony follows on from the happy ending of the first series. Her unsavory past often comes back to confront her. The family makes a wish on a wishing tree to live together into eternity, for ever and ever. It stars Nancy Sit , Frankie Lam , Michael Tse , Joyce Chen , Bondy Chiu , Cutie Mui , Louis Yuen , Yvonne Lam , Johnny Tang , Bernice Liu , Lau Dan, Stephanie Che, Joseph Lee , Hawick Lau , Johnny Ngan , Helen Ma, Timmy Hung , Sherming Yiu , Kingdom Yuen & Maggie Shiu. Mất Dấu III 2020. Because Yat is aware of Mei's feelings for Yuet, she does not have any good feelings towards her sister-in-law-to-be and often argues with her. Olivia Fu as Chun Mui 春梅. Yvonne Lam as Wan Ying Kei 雲影姬. Gam's irresponsible behaviour causes much trouble for the Kams. Ko Yee Hong is a designer at Ka Yan Company and also Yat's neighbour and his appearance and character gives people the impression that he is a homosexual, but Yat is adamant to go against these opinions by saying that Hong is just pretending to be gay so that girls will put their guard down and he can take advantage of them, she vows to break through this false image of his. Joyce Chen as Kam Yat 金日. Directed by Eiji Suganuma, Takahiro Ômori. The second series of The Virtues of Harmony follows on from the happy ending of the first series. Blessings II - Blessings of Harmony: 8 500: 10s 02h 00m 00s Gift of Flame: Increases Fire production of an ally by 250. Widow of Kam Wah, sister-in-law of Kam Sa Sa, Step-mother of Kam Nin, Kam Yuet, and Kam Yat, Younger sister of Kam Wah, sister-in-law of Yau Nim Chi, Step-son of Yau Nim Chi and nephew of Kam Sa Sa, Younger brother of Kam Nin and older brother of Kam Yat, Step-daughter of Yau Nim Chi and niece of Kam Sa Sa, Maternal uncle of Kam Nin, Kam Yuet, and Kam Yat, Daughter of Shek Tai Chuen and Chan Kiu, niece of, Neighbor of Kam family, has crush on Kam Yuet, Good friend of colleague Lam Yuk Lo and neighbor Kam Yat, Wife of Shek Tai Chuen and mother of Shek Mui, Sister-in-law of Shek Tai Kei and aunt of Ko Hee Yong, Husband of Chan Kiu and father of Shek Mui, Older brother of Shek Tai Kei and uncle of Ko Hee Yong, Younger brother of Shek Tai Chuen, brother-in-law, Son of Shek Tai Kei, nephew of Shek Tai Chuen, and Chan Kiu, cousin and colleague of Shek Mui, Friends with Lam Yuk Lo, Shek Mui, Kam Yat.